Hello and thank you for gracing ThemeNerds with your viewing presence, it is much appreciated.

ThemeNerds was an idea in the pipeline for quite sometime before it’s creation in June 2013. The initial idea was to showcase the very best WordPress, Opencart and Tumblr Themes available on the web today. However, as with every good idea, it has grown and will continue to grow with our readership.

As stated above, our number one objective is to find the best themes for the opensource softwares we personally love to use, then group them in to specific posts and deliver them in neat articles. The idea being, it saves you time trawling through 1000s of themes searching for the one that matches your criteria.

We also realise that there will be readers new to the concept of setting up their own professional website which is why we offer guides to aid the novice through the teething problems we have all faced at one time or another.

Last, but not least we offer web based guides, tutorials and tips that will benefit people of all levels and backgrounds.

To close, I would just like to say a big thank you for your support from everyone involved at ThemeNerds and ultimately I hope you find site useful.